Process Flow Diagram

EPR Waste to Energy (WTE) gasification systems can be designed and operated in a number of configurations, depending on the available feed materials. Our gasifiers can be integrated into gas turbine combined cycle systems forming a gas turbine gasifier hybrid combined cycle (GTGHCC) configuration.

Shown below is a process diagram of an EPR system configured to operate using construction and demolition solid waste as the primary feedstock with used tires as an ancillary fuel.

Our gasifier systems are normally configured in modules that process approximately 250 tons per day of municipal solid waste or light C&D waste with approximately 200 tons of that actually goingto the gasifier.  Approximately 12 megawatts (MW) of electrical power are produced for each 200 tons of MSW processed. Plants comprised of three or more gasifier modules with generating capacity of 36 MW or more are favored because of their economies of scale.